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4 Hours of Hate: The Worst Moments from MSNBC’s Put up-Impeachment Vote Protection

It was one other day of fake somberness Wednesday afternoon on MSNBC as Congress impeached President Donald Trump per week after a few of his personal supporters terrorized the U.S. Capitol. MSNBC used this second Trump impeachment as a entrance in its ongoing marketing campaign to relabel tens of hundreds of thousands who suppose and vote otherwise as home terrorists.

Since there was such an onslaught of stupidity throughout and after the formal vote, NewsBusters has compiled the worst moments from 4:00 p.m. Japanese to eight:00 p.m. Japanese and included a dozen far-left personalities, doing every little thing from worrying about law enforcement officials changing into terrorists to evaluating themselves to those that fought at Normandy to insisting there gained’t be unity till the nation is cleansed of Republicans.

So, with none additional adieu, listed below are a few of the worst MSNBC quotes, introduced in no explicit order.

We Want a New Surveillance State to Spy on People, Simply Like After 9/11

“I imply, simply working within the White Home after 9/11, every little thing, and once more, these insurance policies are so controversial, so it isn’t good parallel however each coverage that was pursued was to seek out out what the terrorists have been saying and we listened to them. That’s what metadata was. I imply, figuring out what they mentioned on-line is simply primary intelligence. Why wasn’t a memo from Norfolk like that responded to with a present of pressure with the event it got here true, it seems it did however why is not that the apply of the FBI?”

Deadline: White Home host Nicolle Wallace, 4:18 p.m. Japanese.

By no means Trumpers Are Like These Who Fought at Lexington, Gettysburg, and Normandy?

“And the battle that is going to play out, the facet that’s for democracy on this nation must be ready to make use of the First Modification as our sword and our protect to prosecute on the battlefield of concepts the supremacy, the righteousness, the goodness of American democracy. 13 generations of American patriots have made blood sacrifices from Lexington to Harmony, to Gettysburg and Antiedam, to Normandy to the Edmund Pettus Bridge. The American experiment very almost got here to an finish as a result of all that it takes to finish it’s a collapse of religion and perception, and when you’ve gotten 80 % of a political celebration that claims that the elections aren’t official anymore on the idea of BS, we’re on life help as a democratic nation[.]”

— Lincoln Venture co-founder Steve Schmidt, 6:52 p.m. Japanese.

Police Officers Are the REAL Individuals We Should Fear About Being Terrorists

“Here is the scary half, Nicolle. I am much less fearful about violent extremists embedded in protests than I’m about violent extremists embedded in police departments. What number of tales did we hear about Capitol Hill law enforcement officials, different officers flashing badges as they got here in with these teams of individuals to assault the Capitol? There needs to be — I imply, whenever you speak about sharing info, okay, properly, who’re you sharing the knowledge with? Are you able to belief all people in your workforce? Are you able to belief all people that you just’re sending on the market? How do we all know that the knowledge being shared is not being given to people who find themselves embedded and part of this violent revolts which have already occurred, that we will see extra of….I do not actually have that a lot confidence that regulation enforcement goes to have the ability to cease this, except they do a severe inner analysis and begin to expunge people who find themselves a part of this violent revolution.”

— MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson, 6:12 p.m. Japanese.

Defeating ‘Arsonist’ Republicans Is the Solely Manner We Can Have Peace and Unity

“That is nearly as when you’ve got an arsonist who burns down a constructing after which says, “wait a minute, do not cost me. Let’s work to rebuild the constructing collectively.” And it’s like, no, we are able to solely have unity and therapeutic as soon as there may be an accountability and return to fact….[T]here is no politicization. Donald Trump goes to be out in a method or one other in per week. There is no election arising. The Democrats gained by Georgia by a shock. This isn’t political. That is about sending a message to protect our democratic establishments[.]

— Former (first) Trump impeachment lawyer Daniel Goldman, 4:03 p.m. Japanese.

Schmidt RAGES: ‘There Will Be No Unity,’ No Gentleness Till GOPers Are Crushed!

“A variety of these members on the Republican facet say now we want unity. There will likely be no unity with seditionists. The one factor we provide them is the prospect for them to apologize and retire from public life. That is the one factor we are able to do. Solely two methods to deliver — to win a battle, Nicolle: to deliver your opponent to defeat via submission, or they get you thru exhaustion.”

— Schmidt, 6:48 p.m. Japanese.

“However the pro-democracy facet can’t be the light facet of the talk. And so when Lindsey Graham or Kevin McCarthy say, ‘oh, now we want unity, we have to decrease the temperature,’ what we want on this nation is accountability. The accountability for the poison of the assumption and democracy, accountability for the violence completed to the folks of the USA, accountability for what the desecration of what Joe Biden, the President-Elect, known as the citadel of democracy, accountability for the desecration of the ground of the Home of Representatives and the ground of the USA Senate…[W]e have a protracted, troublesome wrestle on this nation forward with this.”

— Schmidt, 6:50 p.m. Japanese.

“On the finish of the day, if there’s going to be unity on this nation, there should be accountability…[W]e will run a marketing campaign that’s designed to impose as a lot ache on the proper locations as attainable, that that will likely be completed. And if not, then we’ll assault them within the public airwaves, on TV, digitally, day-after-day till they’re up for election and the voters in these states can — can resolve what to do about them….[W]e will do every little thing we are able to to make the burden so heavy that the Republicans which are left in there’ll drop these folks as a result of it is of their self-interest to do.”

— Schmidt, 6:54 p.m. Japanese.

Eager to Examine Benghazi Is Simply Like….Touting QAnon Conspiracies?

“Congressman, clearly the Home has lengthy been the battlefield for very completely different views, however I’m wondering what it is like….[Boehner] sought to appease the Tea Occasion caucus in letting them have their approach with the assaults of Benghazi, politicizing them past recognition and I’m wondering should you suppose that toothpaste will be put again within the tube or if the Home has now develop into a discussion board for QAnon and conspiracy theorists and whack jobs?”

— Wallace to Home Majority Chief Steny Hoyer, 5:26 p.m. Japanese.

MSNBCer: You’re Both on ‘Staff Democracy’ With Dems or GOP’s ‘Staff Sedition’

“I believe it is so necessary to get all people on the report, are you on workforce democracy or are you on workforce sedition? And that — after which the Senate trial will likely be one other alternative for that and I believe that, in a time when it is crucial to decide on sides, that facet, that is a binary selection proper there, I believe we have to know who’s on which facet so we are able to perceive the character of the battle and who must be defeated with no matter celebration they’re in. This isn’t a celebration factor. This can be a a lot deeper factor.”

— Showtime’s The Circus co-host John Heilemann, 6:24 p.m. Japanese.

“And the prospect that we could be headed in that course needs to be sobering to everybody. And the one approach we’re going avert it’s via a giant, massive undertaking to attempt to win this battle for workforce democracy and beating down every little thing that is coalesced to provide root to the truth that we now have a workforce sedition in our American political system.”

— Heilemann, 6:45 p.m. Japanese.

2020 Was Clear, However 2016 Wasn’t As a result of the Russians Stole It for Trump

“Donald J. Trump, who dragged this nation via 4 lengthy years of horror, from caged youngsters, Nazi coddling, open white nationalism, and open corruption, who profited off the presidency that he gained with international assist after which humiliated himself and us earlier than the ex-KGB agent who helped put him within the White Home, and who fired the FBI director who caught him, who sat again and did completely nothing whereas greater than 370,000 People died in a world pandemic, that man has been impeached for the second time in a 12 months.”

The ReidOut host Pleasure Reid, 7:02 p.m. Japanese.

America’s ‘Story’ Is Modified Perpetually, Scarred by Seditious Trump

“The cost itself at this time modifications your entire American story. In 2021, your entire American story has now modified as a result of we needed to confront a President who was charged with inciting an rebellion in opposition to the USA….[T]hese are heavy phrases about our fellow countrymen, however — however let’s be very sincere. It’s a violent political motion that discovered protected harbor within the Republican Occasion. That doesn’t imply that the celebration writ massive is violent. It doesn’t imply that our leaders of that celebration condone it. We have heard them condemn the violence. However at the least for this era, a violent political motion has discovered protected harbor in a Republican Occasion led by Donald Trump.”

— MSNBC contributor and former Republican David Jolly, 6:14 p.m. Japanese.

Hopefully Conservative Media Are Sued to Dying by Dominion to Save America

“It’s essential to have the propagandists and so the Huge Lie has been unfold by Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham and Fox Information and OAN and Newsmax. However — however the final part they wanted to elevate this autocratic motion off the bottom, to do the violence that they did, it wanted the elevate of the cynical elites….147 members of the Home stood up after the rebellion, after the violence to throw out the outcomes of the election. This was a brand new Jim Crow[.]”

— Schmidt, 6:47 p.m. Japanese.

“The Dominion Voting System lawsuit is crucial civil litigation possibly by no means the historical past of the nation as a result of it has the potential to bankrupt Fox Information, bankrupt Newsmax, bankrupt OAN. And it definitely will hold these firms from getting the financing they should increase, however it’ll put the reality on trial. And ultimately, we should defeat these autocrats on the battlefield of concepts.”

— Schmidt, 6:50 p.m. Japanese.

Wallace: Screw Unity! Republicans Spent 4 Years Dividing America! It’s Our Flip!

“I suppose the purpose isn’t that you need to vote a method on the impeachment. I believe each member ought to vote your conscience, however do not inform me that your concern is for unity. As a result of there may be not a single member of the Republican Occasion who cared in any respect about unity when Donald Trump waved his misogyny flag or waved his racism flag, or waved his reporters are the enemy of the folks flag. He sought to divide folks on an hourly foundation on his Twitter feed, so the excuse for — for not doing one thing, can’t be, most not be, from any Republican that unity is now at this time their precedence. They’ve made clear they do not care and that disunity has been their technique.”

— Wallace, 4:30 p.m. Japanese.

Wallace: “Congressman, what do you make of the Republican protection that now, after 4 years of standing with Donald Trump after Entry Hollywood and after folks coming from bleep gap nations and after assaults on the squad and after chanting ship them again, now — now — they need unity.”

Congressman Sean Maloney (D-NY): “Yeah, it rings hole, after all. I believe that it is — it’s offensive to these of us who watched what occurred to the Capitol Police, who watched somebody bludgeoned to loss of life for doing their job, for shielding our lives. It rings just a little hole now to speak about unity, to speak about additional dividing the nation. You realize, I used to be speaking to a pal who mentioned that if you wish to heal a wound, you first have to scrub the wound, you need to cleanse the an infection that threatens to do much more hurt. That is the best technique to heal, is to scrub this wound via reconciliation.”

— Dialog at 5:04 p.m. Japanese.

Impeachment, Capitol Violence Are Proof That….America Hasn’t Been Nice?

Wallace: “I am so struck by one thing Eddie Glaude, you mentioned to me after the El Paso bloodbath. You mentioned that is who we’re and I have been eager to ask you for a complete lengthy week now if that was your thought whenever you watched the rebellion final Wednesday.”

MSNBC contributor and Princeton professor Eddie Glaude: “Oh, completely. Completely. It is — it’s a results of failure, Nicolle, to cope with our demons, to actually grapple with the horror of — of — of white supremacy that in some methods tried to choke the life out of our democracy….[W]hat I heard at this time on — on the ground of the Home simply, it did not break my coronary heart, it simply reaffirmed the truth that we have now a protracted technique to go, as — as a democracy.”

— Dialog at 5:35 p.m. Japanese.

Rhetoric Opposing Impeachment Was Akin to Hitler’s Huge Lie

“I am fascinated with what Biden mentioned, Nicolle, concerning the congresspersons who supported the Huge Lie, as Eugene and others have known as it. What did we hear at this time on the ground? We heard radical left, the far-left, we heard false equivalencies between the seditious acts and protests by Black Lives Matter and the like. We heard the entire bells and whistles. We heard the entire fog horns on the ground of the Home.”

— Glaude, 5:49 p.m. Japanese.

NBC Historian: Biden Has the Likelihood to Heal Like Ford, Lincoln, Washington Did

“I’d have a look at different presidents in historical past who did an awesome job of unifying the nation after Trump. George Washington in 1789 is the primary president after the revolution. Abraham Lincoln as he tried to do in 1865, saying the Civil Battle is sort of over and I’ll method it, he mentioned, with malice in the direction of none. After which going into trendy instances, folks like Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford, one of many loveliest underrated moments in American historical past, I believe, was the Carter inauguration of 1977. Carter had barely beat Gerald Ford. He will get up. The primary line in his inaugural handle is for myself and our nation, I want to thank my predecessor for all he is completed to heal our land. These two opponents.”

— NBC Information Presidential Historian Michael Beschloss, 6:59 p.m. Japanese.

GOP, Trump Are Doing Nothing on COVID….However We Should Impeach, Attempt Trump Now

Glaude: “And within the backdrop of this, the background of this are People dying. What number of have died of COVID at this time? What number of died yesterday, proper? And so in some ways, this nice American experiment stands on a knife’s edge and we have now idiots who maintain the reins. We have to maintain accountable — we have to maintain these folks accountable. We have to uproot white supremacy lastly and be sincere with ourselves and actually, actually, actually, actually perceive the peril that our democracy is in on today, on this second as so a lot of our fellows are grieving as a result of they’ve misplaced family members.”

Wallace: “It is all the time exhausting to go after Eddie, even whenever you’re the host. Let me attempt to reply a kind of questions. Greater than 4,400 People died yesterday from the raging pandemic, one which Donald Trump has refused to pursue aggressively as one thing he is liable for getting below management.”

— Dialog at 5:49 p.m. Japanese.

Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal (D-WA): “I am sorry to say these Republicans haven’t solely given me COVID by not sporting their masks however they’ve additionally given it to my husband now, who now examined optimistic. So that is the world we reside in. However I am going to get via this, I do know I’ll. And I recognize everybody’s good needs.”

Reid: “That’s simply one of many many sickening developments. We all know that Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley put out a press launch with regard to her husband. And it’s — it’s monstrous, I am going to simply put it that approach, that members of the USA Congress and United States Senate would sicken different members and never suppose twice about it. It is disgusting. However let’s go on to this different —“

Jayapal: “And Pleasure, there’s 3,200 People on a regular basis — 3,200 People day-after-day are dyeing of covid. Simply —“

Reid: “Sure.”

Jayapal: “— the tragedy throughout the nation and these Republicans are usually not exhibiting precisely what we have to do to forestall the unfold of this virus.”

Reid: “Properly, completely. I believe these are two methods which in a way members of the Senate and the Home may need been attacked by their very own members, proper? You could have now, along with the actual fact we now imagine that — that some Republicans have been sickening different members and different members of the Senate, you’ve gotten this Ali Alexander character saying he had help from Home members.”

— Dialog at 7:36 p.m. Japanese.

Trump Is an American Most cancers, However the Lincoln Venture May ‘Be the Chemo’

“No, I imply, look, it is a sort of gross technique to put it, however I had hoped that Trump was, you already know, a pimple on the physique politic. It seems he’s a most cancers. However our subsequent visitor seeks to be the chemo. Steve Schmidt’s right here, political strategist and co-founder of the Lincoln Venture.”

— Wallace, 6:45 p.m. Japanese.

Wilson: If You’re Being Censored, It’s ‘As a result of You Suck,’ You ‘Whiny B***’

“This whiny bitch victimhood from Matt Gaetz and Ken Buck and Jim Jordan and Majorie Taylor Q-Q-QAnon Greene and all of those different folks, it’s the most pathetic instance of particular pleading I’ve ever seen. They act as in the event that they’ve been oppressed someway, that the world is in opposition to them someway. Properly, guess what? Twitter and Fb aren’t banning you since you’re a conservative. They’re banning you since you suck. They’re banning you since you say evil shit. They’re banning you since you help a revolution in opposition to the federal government of this nation. This can be a — probably the most exceptional factor about this to me is all of those powerful guys swagger monkeys who act like they’re the massive, you already know, alpha males, they’re whining and bitching and moaning about Kathy Griffin holding up a model head or Nancy Pelosi tearing up a bit of paper? Come on, guys. Toughen up.

— Lincoln Venture co-founder Rick Wilson, 7:53 p.m. Japanese.

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