Nassim Sana

The Happiness Flow

The Happiness Flow

Nassim Sana, MC

Have you ever wondered why some people always seem happier? We all come across those individuals who seem to smile more and see life as half full rather than half empty.  The big question that we may ponder silently in our mind is what’s their secret? Are they really happy or are they faking it? The answer is “Yes”.  Some people are born with a happy disposition, and they are more positive and are more at peace with themselves. Also there are those who simply learn to be happy by thinking and living in a certain way.  Keep in mind these individuals have the same experience that we all do. They experience fear, sadness, anger and pain, except they process them in a different way.

Let’s examine what happy people have in common. Researchers have been really curious to find out how we can feel happier. First important point is that habitual thoughts and behaviors create specific neural pathways in the wiring of our brains. For example the more positive thoughts you have the more the wiring in your brain gets strengthened and it will be easier for you to feel happy. Dr. Richard Davidson of the University of Wisconsin-Madison explained “Based on what we know about the plasticity of the brain, we can think of happiness as a skill no different from learning to play a musical instrument… it is possible to train our minds to be happy.”  Just like anything in our lives the act of practicing takes us a long way.

Some may say, easier said than done, right? Here is a fun fact for you: did you know on average we have 60,000 thoughts a day about one thought per second during the day. Out of those 60,000 thoughts 95% of them are the same thoughts we had yesterday, the day before and they day before that. What’s even more alarming is that the average person’s habitual thoughts are negative. According to the National Institutes of Health, negative thoughts stimulate the area of the brain involved in depression and anxiety. The first step is taking back your power, don’t believe everything you think. Take a step back and think where is this thought coming from, is it important for me to ruin the rest of my day? Happier individuals like to notice everything good that happens to them. They really do give recognition to the positive thoughts they have, anything they see, feel, taste, hear or smell that brings them please. We have Reticular Activation System (RAS).  These are groups of cells that reside at the base of our brain stem and they are responsible for turning on our memory and bringing important things to our attention. The key is when you decide to look for the positive; your (RAS) will make sure that you see it. Begin by practicing, when you’re sipping your coffee or tea in the morning savor the smell and the taste, and acknowledge that its making you feel good.

The third point you may think about is how social are you? Having good social relationships is very important to staying happy. Research from Nottingham University found that individuals who said they had 10 good friends were happier than those who had fewer friends. Another study from UCLA explained that women’s brains also release oxytocin, the bonding hormone. As women we find it very important to talk out our thoughts and feelings to our girlfriends. The more you engage in bonding activities the more oxytocin your body produces and releases. As a result you feel calmer and less stressed.

Remember the next time you have a self-defeating thought, take a minute and look for the positive thoughts stored in your mind. The main thing to remember is that there is no formula for being happy. Be present in your life, give gratitude and don’t forget the good things. Enjoy my guided mediation which will help decrease your anxiety.


Simple daily reminders to increase your happiness flow:

  1. Express gratitude
  2. Cultivate optimism
  3. Avoid over thinking
  4. Practice acts of kindness
  5. Nourish social relationships
  6. Learn to forgive
  7. Savoring life’s joy
  8. Commitment to your goals
  9. Practice spirituality
  10. Self- Care
  11. live life passionately
  12. expand your horizons ( recommended book, The Untethered soul, By: Michael A Singer)



Nassim Sana, M.C, C.C

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