Nassim Sana

The Happiness Flow

Happier individuals like to notice everything good that happens to them. They really do give recognition to the positive thoughts they have, anything they see, feel, taste, hear or smell that brings them please. Click here for the full article.
Bret Wilson

Spring Training for Health

Whether you are playing softball with friends, getting ready for t ball or playing in the big leagues, there are lessons to be learned. Proper fitness nutrition and rest can help avoid injury, Click here for the full article.


When we actively use perception to impact our lives, that is when the real magic happens. Click here for the full article.
Goals are the Footprints of our Dreams!

Goals are the Footprints of our Dreams!

When that feeling of excitement builds within you, then that’s when you become unstoppable and you become more committed to seeing your goals come through step by step Click here for the full article.

Total Wellness Medical Center

Naturopathic medicine is becoming as common a practice as allopathic medicine, and many medical insurance policies cover it. The staff at Total Wellness provides coding for reimbursement, but does not bill insurance companies, give prior authorizations for treatment or accept coverage by Medicare. Click here for the full article.

How effective is Positive Affirmations?

Today’s research shows that using positive affirmations can decrease stress and improve performance on challenging tasks. And they may even help you make healthier decisions. Click here for the full article.

Don’t Be Fooled by the Name

Each product has a short ingredient list and is all-natural. Each product is homemade with the preservation of this beautiful land in mind. The soaps are handmade in batches of only 144 bars in order to control quality and environmental impact. Click here for the full article.

Healthy and Active into Your Eighties

Healthy living can start at any age. Develop better habits now whether you are 28 or 80. Your body and mind will reward you now and in the future with better function and increased longevity. Add years to your life and life to your years by adopting good physical and mental health habits. Click here for the full article.

Dynamic Business Model at OnaEuro Salon

Midboe is and has been a very active participant in many charitable activities: Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Leukemia Foundation, Breast Cancer Foundation, Kim Miller Benefit Fund for Colon Cancer, Phoenix Children's Hospital, Fresh Start Women's Foundation, Arizona Humane Society, The Pet Companions Club of Pebble Creek, the Burn Camp, and is on H.O.P.E. Team AZ at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Click here for the full article.

Changing the Manscape of Men’s Grooming

The Manor’s full service barbershop, specializing in the straight-razor shave experience, brings the art of personal grooming to the next level. Skin care, overall health and vitality, shoe shines, facial hair sculpting, ear and nose hair trimming, shoulder massages and aromatherapy are offered at The Manor. Click here for the full article.