Larry Rendon

Lure of the Superstitions

Ever wonder about hidden or buried treasure or fantasize about looking for it? Come to the Mary D. Fisher this Friday to meet author Lorenzo Rendon. Larry, as he prefers, lived in the Verde Valley for many years. He is a former United States Marine, and Alaska State Trooper. Click here for the full article.
Angel Marie

Three Secrets to Increase Happiness

Create time for a daily practice of happiness, and ignite the power and energy of inspiration. Happiness is focusing on the good in life, and positive feelings, the glow that occurs when a job is finally complete, or a victory is won. Click here for the full article.


When we actively use perception to impact our lives, that is when the real magic happens. Click here for the full article.

Shaking the Blues Away with Alok Hsu Kwang-han

The day began with what was titled meditation, but is was unlike any I have ever experienced. We began by literally shaking our bodies to music, this took place for at least 20 minutes, next we danced to other music…all Asian sounding to me…then we sat in silence and lastly we were to lie down on a yoga mat to continue the meditation. Click here for the full article.
Pat Hicks Author
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The Mystery Play

Scientifically speaking, we are literally a mass of subatomic particles expanding and moving through our universe since the Big Bang. It is condensed into form at the whim of God to act out our purpose on Shakespeare’s “stage” in a Mystery Play. Click here for the full article.
Pat Hicks

Awareness a Mystifying Word

I believe as the Mystics do, that we are literally One – Waves appearing as separate, yet inseparable from the infinite universal Divine ocean of Beingness, not our puny limited egoic minds with feckless thoughts only useful to navigate us through life’s landmines of our own making. Click here for the full article.

Coaching is a Conversation

Look for the release of Dr. Marshall’s new book “Taking Charge of Change” which will be released in early 2016. Her book will help clients achieve transformational and lasting change. Also visit her website to sign up for her newsletter and to learn more about her coaching. Click here for the full article.

A Conversation with a Pelican

Tony’s appearance begins an extraordinary story of entrepreneur Jack Wells’ struggle against insurmountable odds from his early childhood to the founding and stewarding to international renown AMP, a music institute in Hollywood, Click here for the full article.

When I was a Kid

Our nightly dreams echo our current waking state feelings and emotions…they can heal us, serve us, bring us solutions and certainly they can entertain us. Happy Holidays to one and all. Click here for the full article.
Sydney Paige McCutcheon

Sydney McCutcheon My Story

Even now I'm in the process of reaching my dreams. Click here for the full article.