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Social Media Alert Today
A Power Tool for Tomorrow

Brad M_profileSocial media. What does Social Media mean to you? To a lot of parents, I’m sure social media consists of just a few items- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.- sharing sites. Sites that you know your children must be getting in trouble on. To teens, well, let’s be honest, I’m sure many teens at this point into the article are already just thinking, “Oh sweet! Another article trying to preach to me about something I grew up using.” Fair enough, but just hear me out, teens. You might find that a lot of what I talk about is in your favor.

Discover the RegionWe’re in a funky transitional time that is for sure. Think of it this way, most parents of today’s teenagers didn’t start seeing all of these new age forms of social media, like sharing sites, until roughly their senior year of high school or even into their 20s.

Parents, this isn’t to say you haven’t adapted. You are in the prime of your careers right now and I know you are mastering social media every day.

Parents of today’s infants to adolescents are, for the most part, likely around my age, and we were preteens when social media hit the scene so we kind of grew up with it. And when current teenagers become parents–in the future–well teens, you will be the first generation of parents to have had social media as part of their world for their entire life.

It’s everything

Social media is no longer just the new song on the radio, or the news on TV. Social media allows us to buy things without leaving the couch. Social media ensures that nobody is ever left out of the loop, no matter what part of the world they are in. Social media gets people into careers, but can also ruin careers. Social media is what allows a group of people to plan a time to hang out, but then also keeps all of those people staring down at their phone the entire night.

The whole truth

Look, I understand that almost everything you hear on television or read about online is doom and gloom (which is ironic because TV and internet are forms of social media themselves). It’s basically, “If your children go on social media, they will turn to bad kids and spend all of your money and invite predators to the house!” And you know, those claims do indeed hold some validity, but that is not even close to being the whole story.

What’s next?

In my next few posts I would like to explore the good and bad of some of today’s most popular forms of social media. I would like to discuss:

-How each can be fun, but why there is definitely such a thing as “too much fun”.

-When is it time for parents to be parents and when is it time for them to just be cool.

-How to use the tool. Social media can be used as a tool for anything from getting into the college you want all the way to destroying your career, if not used properly. People use tools to build skyscrapers, but they also use tools to destroy them.

Social media isn’t taking the world by storm. No, those times are gone. Social media now, is the world, so let’s be realistic. Let me, a 28 year old who is relatively fresh out of college, is a working professional, and who is married but has no kids, use my experience as an up-and-comer to sit between you parents and you teens to explain why you are both right.

Please feel free to comment below with ideas, stories, or suggestions.