Recognizing Depression

Recognizing Depression
By Julianna Lyddon


Are you or someone you know depressed?

I want to give you some symptoms for depression to look for, whether its for yourself or a family member or someone you love. Because often when we are in depression ourselves, it can be so hard for us to recognize it. Because we feel as if we are in this fog and we cant move through it. But before I go through some of those symptoms, its important that we all recognize that all of us can slip into some of these depressive symptoms.

There are so many things in our lives that we run into, obstacles that we hit, circumstances that we are trying to move through that can be so difficult. Some of us have lost a loved one, and we’re grieving. Others of us may be have been through a traumatic breakup. Maybe you have lost your job or you have lost your home. All of these are examples of things that can put us right into kind of a form of depression. Now I am not talking about clinical depression here. I want to make that very clear. But even when we are experiencing some of these depressive symptoms we can go to our doctor…talk…

Depression Signs
1. No Energy
2. Irritable
3. Change in Appetite
4. Reckless Behavior
5. Get Support or if you see these changes in someone you know Reach out, make a call to them.

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