Reaching OZ

 Perception of a Painter’s World Inspiration for “Reaching OZ”

Kathryn HennemanThere has to be a harmony when I have put the invited guests and the delectable meal together. Harmony between smell, taste and colour. By Kathryn Henneman




Themed food to compliment the themed art from my ‘artist’ invited guest.
Fresh squeezed lemonade was served with a generous helping of a tasty Tuscan pear tart.
Guests: Sonia Delaunay, Fernand Leger & Henry Moore

Art and Food

Begin a New Chapter, Begin a New Painting

Important encounters are planned by the souls of artists long before they show up to sit at my table and take a meal with me.

How very lucky I am this month to have such extraordinary beings share their stories, and their works.

Quite a number of invitations were sent out, but the three artists that responded first guaranteed their seats.

Sonia Delaunay (1885-1979)
Fernand Leger (1881-1955)
Henry Moore (1898-1986)

We fancied a light lunch. They all raved, and two helpings of pear tart for Fernand Leger. He smiled. You’re most welcome.

Inspiration and motivation ensued shortly after their departures, and a quickening was felt inside and I knew I had to create.

Here is a sneak peek of Reaching OZ‘Reaching Oz’

A small, 15″ x 15″ mixed media on canvas.
I think the title rather appropriate for my encounter with them.

It’s essential that I keep painting. Painting is my anchor.

-Kathryn Henneman
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