Nassim Sana

Put Me Back On The Map

Put Me Back On The Map

With the new year in hand many of you are probably pondering the big question, “What is my life’s purpose?” is my life’s purpose, making a difference in someone’s life, creating new opportunities in my life so that I can live my dream life? The important aspect of this question is, “How do you find your life’s purpose?”

Some people have a clear vision of their purpose early on in life—it’s as if the path was laid out for them and they simply had to take the first step. For others, the vision is unclear and the path elusive. Even those who seem to know the way have, at one time or another, asked themselves the same question you ask yourself: Is this the life I was meant to live?

We are going to visit various aspects before you creating the life you are meant to live. With the help of these questions, you will become more familiar with how you can put yourself back on the map of life. There are fundamental ingredients in our lives that help us understand if we are living a purposeful life. The first step is to become an observer, then look at how you’re managing your life, and lastly decide what steps you are willing to commit to in order for you to have the life you desire.

  1. Become the observer:

Take a step back and observe, what continues to work in your life. This exercise may take a couple hours or couple days it’s not about the length of time you spend evaluating the areas of your life.  This is about seeing yourself honestly, recognizing what emotions you are feeling, and what may be lacking in your life. Take as much time as you need. Now, what I want you to do is begin noticing what areas of your life give you more satisfaction.

  1. Managing your life’s path:

Is the way you are managing your life harming you, or dis-empowering you? I don’t want you to worry; we sometimes take a detour in our lives before we get back on the path of integrity. Caroline Myss says, “You know you’re on the right path when you know you’re not betraying yourself.” What the author of “Archetypes: Who Are You?”, explaining is are you being true to yourself, are you respected, do you have to negotiate your sense of integrity, and are you being valued? The author also explains when you are not living your life’s purpose you are you in a situation where things are costing your sense of self, your soul, and your psyche. At the end of the day when you come home, you don’t feel emotionally or physically drained or confused on some deep level. I don’t want us to confuse this with being tired from long day’s work; this is more like being psychically drained, where you feel life you are losing yourself and your life.

  1. Back on the map

Reaching this step takes commitment and hard work, most of all it is important to quiet your fears. Once you identify what you’re scared about and decide how you’re going to face them then you are one step closer to being back on the map of life. Then you can make choices that enhance your spirit. Take the time to be true to yourself and your integrity. Compromises in a way where you are giving and taking, and not a way where you feel like you have betrayed your sense of self.

The worst, the most ultimate betrayal is the betrayal to ones self. ~ Oprah

Happy New Year,


Coach Nassim