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Print Magazines: The Pros of Being in Print

What is Print Magazine?

A Print Magazine is a physical publication issued periodically, it contains various editorial pieces like articles, life events, short stories, interviews, photographic essays and it is either a specific or general in nature depending on the editor. The revenues for print magazines are generated through the sale of advertising space.

Print Magazine has been around over the years and it been noted for their superior production quality. They are sold at news-stands or by subscription through which modern magazines use to make the bulk of their sales.

With the over-whelming influence from introduction of digital-magazines, the print magazine is facing the stiffest test over the years. However it still retains a lot of its valuable attributes which we are going to be looking at in the next section.

Pros of Print Magazine

I. Accessibility

Print Magazines are easy-to-carry and can be read anywhere with or without connection to internet, this gives it a bit of leverage over digital magazines. Mobile internet is still in developing phase so many places it is still slow and cannot be accessed.  Print magazine provides an easy means of having your favorite publication near to you without having to go through the learning process of how internet works.

II. Status Symbol

Print magazines, being a physical product, gives people the prestige of owing one. People enjoy owing it and it can be used as a symbol of status and as “show-off”. It can be collected to give satisfaction to people.

III. Quality and Professionalism

The cost of publishing print magazines makes a case for it professionalism. Print magazine cost of production is higher than digital magazine cost of production. This means that not everyone can venture into print magazine production, giving room to professionals to embark on its production.  Trust of the quality and content of each publication builds readership and more exposure for the advertisers.

IV. Advertisement

Print Magazine have been involved in successful advertisement over the years, giving exposure to business and people, making celebrities more popular and helping politicians to pass their message to their people. If you own a business in smaller town, then advertising in local magazine makes more sense since they have proven to pave way for attracting locals towards the local business. The Ad rates for print magazines usually depend on the readership numbers.
I believe that although the digital magazines are making wave at the moment, we will still see the print magazines with quality contents in news-stands for many years to come. Maybe one the greatest pros of print magazine is the fact that it’s tangible. We feel the sense of comfort simply by touching or smelling it. Scientific theory also has it that brain can retain more when there is physical contact. Print magazine provides an alternative to all the digital magazines and gives the joy of owing and building your library and collections with favorite publications.


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