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Opioid Task Force – Can it Work?

Opioid Task Force – Can it Work?

Dr Bret WilsonLast month President Trump appointed Governor Chris Christie to an opioid task force to combat the growing opioid epidemic and offer more comprehensive drug treatment programs.  This is another in a parade of legislators trying to take action to reduce the rising numbers of opioid addicts and opioid related deaths.  As with all things political, both sides of the aisle have their opinions and special interests groups lobby for their idea of a solution. The total solution is a multi-phased approach, including multiple disciplines and approaches.

Physicians can be more prudent in prescribing opioid pain medication and look for alternatives when appropriate.    Alternative treatments for pain include medical marijuana, exercise, physical therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic.  Research has shown that patients who choose to treat with a chiropractor use fewer opioid drugs.

The patient needs to be better educated about the dangers and the appropriate and safe use of all medications.   That means not just the dangers of a given medication, but an understanding of the best and safest way to take the medication and for what period of time.  Communication with the prescribing physician about concerns or questions can help avoid problems.  Enlist the help of a family member to help receive and process the information properly.

Part of the solution must be the more effective treatment of those seeking help with addiction when prevention has failed.  New methods of ambulatory detoxification and medication assisted treatments to aid recovery from withdraw and detoxification.  Public education is needed to reduce the stigma of drug rehabilitation programs and encourage their use sooner than later.

Economic barriers need to be modified.  Insurance policy and coverage changes can  help patients overcome the economic obstacles for getting needed care.  The changes would not only provide insurance benefits for addiction treatments but also for alternative treatments for pain that have shown to improve pain and function and not lead to addiction.

Opioid addiction and related deaths have a significant harmful effect on our country.  The solutions must be multi-faceted and involve law makers, physicians, and patients.  The more you know about this complex issue the more you can help us all be healthier.

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