Juianna Lyddon

Stop the Negative Self Talk

Stop the Negative Self Talk
By Julianna Lyddon


Stop the Negative Self Talk

I want to talk about negative self talk. That kind of negative chatter that gets into our head like a tape and it goes round and round letting us feel we’re not good enough, maybe we’re not worthy. Maybe what we want isn’t going to happen or come into our reality. And you know again it doesn’t matter who we are, when that tape starts playing it can be so debilitating, it can just make us freeze, it paralyzes us. And often I see that when we get into this place its like quicksand. We cant move forward, but we can’t crawl out. So I remember that I was having a lot of self sabotaging thoughts when I was younger, and I had to really get a hold of what was happening in my head. I do that with my clients in my practice all the time because this is so common.

Steps to Change
1. Awareness
2. Why? Trigger
3. Being Courageous or you have stepped out of your comfort zone.
4. Thought Stopping
5. Create a positive Affirmation for your self.