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9 Ways to Enjoy Food & Life #3: Enjoy Healthy Snacks, Superfoods & Smoothies
Experience New Snacks

This is the time to add some new healthy snacks and amazing smoothies, primarily inspired by a vegan and raw food way of eating, to your life. Have fun trying superfoods such as raw cocao and goji berries; make your own vegan pudding, and create fruit and veggies smoothies that are just right for you.

Take a Look at the Snacks You Loved as a Kid

As a kid, I loved ice cream. Now, I really love healthy thick fruit smoothies. And, as a kid I ate red licorice. Now, I enjoy trail mix, goji berries and dark chocolate. I notice that the fruit smoothies I enjoy today are a lot like ice cream; cold and creamy. And, I think one of the reasons I love goji berries is because they are red and chewy, just like the licorice I used to love as a kid. Think about your answers to the following three questions:

•           What snacks did you love the most when you were a kid?

•           What snacks do you now eat as an adult?

•           What are the similarities in these snacks? 

The Top 6 Superfood Snacks

The best snacks are simple, real foods.

  • Cocoa Beans / Nibs / Dark Chocolate
  • Ginger Chews
  • Nuts & Nut Butters
  • Seeds, including hemp seeds
  • Goji Berries
  • Kale


4 Ways to Enjoy Chocolate

Dark chocolate is distinguished by the percentage of cocoa solids in the bar. The higher the percentage of cocao, the lower the sugar.


1. Dark chocolate bar: Made with 70% cocao. If you are new to the bitter taste of dark chocolate, you can start with a 55% cocao chocolate and eat bars with higher levels as you enjoy the flavor

2. Raw Chocolate: Raw cocoa is either extacted from fermented cacao beans which are dried without roasting, or roasted at lower temperature.

3. Cocao Nibs: Cocao bean crushed into little pieces. Try a few.

4. Cocao Bean: The actual bean or seed. Definitely an acquired taste, try a bite.


Simple Smoothies in 5 Minutes

Make a few different smoothies by following the steps. Start with a few ingredients, taste, add more and continue to taste and explore the smoothies you enjoy the most.


Colorful Smoothies

Step 1. Celery and apple, Add coconut water, taste

Step 2. Add carrots, taste

Step 3. Add lemon, Add coconut water if your smoothie is too thick, taste

Step 4. Add ginger root, taste

Step 5. Add hemp seeds, Add more coconut water if your smoothie is too thick, taste


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From new book, “Enjoy Food & Life. 9 Ways 90 Days Step-by-step action plan for healthy eating & living,” by Melanie Albert and featuring former NFL players.

Melanie Albert has been active in the integrative health and nutrition fields for over a decade. She is the Founder & CEO of Experience Nutrition Group, LLC which offers nutrition and healthy cooking speaking engagements to the sports community, including former NFL players, corporations and kids. Melanie is a 2007 graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City, and has been a consultant to Andrew Weil, MD, for 9 years. She loves writing and teaching people how to prepare simple healthy meals that taste great. She is currently studying at a Plant-based Professional Cooking School to learn more about healthy cooking to share with you.