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Will the Internet Eliminate Magazines?

Magazines vs Internet

Will the Internet eliminate Magazines?
Does only One have to Win?
By Jodie Wilson

“You say potato, I say potahto…”, the debate has been going on since the start of time.
Everyone has their own comfort level and preference for reading, shopping, and searching.  Do you prefer electronic media( the internet)  or print media?  Electronic media allows a greater volume and greater access to explore our world easier and faster.  But the old familiar feel of a magazine in your hands, the smell, keeping it crisp, rolling it up, folding the page to mark your spot has kept print alive and continues to be of value.

Print readership has actually increased over the past five years. Even the 18-34 year old segment continues to grow.  I spoke with a journalism student that fits this demographic; he said one of his classes requires him to read print.  The experience helped him realize the joy of reading print verses the internet because he can read a full story uninterrupted.

Recently, I read in the magazine Sports Illustrated, ” while sometimes drowned out by the internet drumbeat, is fairly obvious. Magazines do what the internet doesn’t. Neither obsessed with immediacy nor trapped by the daily news cycle; magazines promote deeper connections.  They create relationships.”

I do spend a lot of time on the internet and you would have to pry my computer away from my cold dead fingers, but when I want to unwind, relax and spend time being creative I always reach for print.

I don’t think one will replace the other, just like “you say tomato, I say tamahto”, there is room for all types of media to thrive in the twenty first century and beyond.
Until Next Month..

Jodie Wilson