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This Little Voice of Mine…

That Little Voice of Mine….I’m Going to Let it Shine.

Jodie Wilson

Jodie Wilson

When I was a child growing up in Ohio. We lived in a somewhat rural area. The houses
sat on two to five acres, so there was lots of room to roam. In the summer,
sometime after breakfast the few neighborhood kids would gather to play hide and
seek. I was not always welcome, as the only girl in the group my brother would
say, “Jodie you are not playing with us.” Of course, the other boys would say,
“ Let her play, she will be out first.”

As I look back, I am sure those words Let her play, she will be out first is where a lot of my drive and determination as an adult has come from. I hear that little voice in my head saying “ Just tell me I can’t do it.”  In today’s market whether you are a women  working with all men, a small business owner just getting started, or a Boomer
creating a second or third career, believing in yourself is key to success. There are days that I sit, just staring at the walls feeling defeated by a sale that I lost or a story that I didn’t get, then all the sudden that little girl on Frederick Pike sits up and says “Just tell me I can’t do it.”

Think about what in your life has pushed you to believe and achieve. What was that  little voice inside your head telling you? In those days when you feel you have  exhausted all your energy and can’t figure out which way to go, bring back that
little voice of inspiration. Instead of getting out First, You will finish FIRST  and be one step closer to your passion.

Until Next Month,