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Rock, Paper, Scissors & Dynamite

 Rock, Paper, Scissors & Dynamite

Rock, Paper

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The other day I was playing with three of my grandchildren.  Innocently I reached up on the shelf in the garage to get down a bottle of bubbles.  I only had one bottle and this incited world war between the three grandkids.   The kids were grabbing, screaming and crying trying to assert their way, “Me first”  “My bubbles!”.   I realized that I was quickly losing control.   I resorted to the primal Grandma squeal, stopping them in their tracks.    They all three froze to see what was wrong.  I quickly said, “I know how we will settle this Rock, Paper ,Scissors &  Dynamite.”

I showed them how to pound their fist in their hand and how to make each of the hand signals. This little process took them a few minutes to master. I said OK, The one who wins gets to go first. ( Now remember I am talking to two 4 year olds and a 2 year old….) We took our positions in the circle and ready 1.2.3 ….We had two rocks and one paper and I threw in dynamite…. I said, “ I win…..Dynamite blows up rocks and paper…. So I will decide who goes first…

Emme you go first”.  The boys walk away saying; “darn we should have picked the dynamite.”

There are days at work that seem like there is no way to agree or solve a challenge.  Don’t give up.   Engage the parties into agreeing on something, at least how the group will approach finding a solution.  Agree on the guidelines and allow participation in the discussion, making everyone part of the process.  The solution then becomes a result of the group working together and less of a battle of wills.  If everyone feels like they get to participate, there can be differences of opinion, but the emphasis can shift the group towards a solution.

Who knows Rock, Paper, Scissors & Dynamite just might work…..

Until Next Month.