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How Can I Help

  How Can I help?
By Jodie Wilson

Jodie Wilson

Jodie Wilson



Have you asked yourself, How can I help our military? Did you know that many of the people who have served this country find themselves without jobs? In Arizona, a business was formed called Amera-Vets Property Services, they employ servicemen and women. We all need handyman jobs done around the house, from Landscaping, electrical, plumbing, construction the list goes on. Why not hire the highly trained by our government. I was in need of a landscaper and I hired them to clean up my yard. They arrived on time, were courteous and the rates were very reasonable.

I would imagine that every region has organizations Like Amera-Vet Property Services. This is a way to Thank the people who have served our country and protected our families. I can put my money in the hands of the people who really need it. As well as having an excellent looking yard.

If you ask yourself how can I help the men and women who have served?  Think first to contact an organization that helps put our Vet’s to work.

Happy Summer….


Amera-Vet Property Services

Amera-Vet Property Services is a veterans advocate business providing all types of property services from painting, electrical, landscaping, handyman services,, pressure washing and much, much more. We hire U.S, Veterans to power these services. All of our veterans are highly skilled in the specific areas of the service provided, and our prices are extremely competitive. We give donations from each service to the V.A. here in the Phoenix area.


Amera-Vet is locally owned and operated by a long time AZ resident and businessman. He started this small business as a side to his other endeavors, with the sole purpose of helping veterans get work and be able to provide for themselves and their families. He feels blessed in his life with his wonderful wife and two beautiful children, and as the son of a deceased Vietnam Veteran, wants to give back and help in any way he can.
Amera-Vet is a proud member of several AZ Chambers of Commerce, including Peoria, Glendale and 5 cities in the Northwest Valley.
Contact information:
Amera-Vet Property Services
Danielle Anderson
Sales & Marketing
Chris DiSimone
Business Owner