Clarissa Burt

Spring has arrived

Spring has arrived
In Clarissa’s Closet
By: Clarissa Burt with Madeline Ulivieri

Clarissa Burt 1Spring has arrived and your closet is stocked with dresses, shorts, and sandals. All that’s missing are your spring accessories. Do not underestimate the power of the perfect accessories.  Jewelry is the ultimate way to personalize an outfit. It can help you dress up or make your outfit more casual. It also expresses your style and reinvents wardrobes. Jewelry can serve as an investment depending on the stone, precious metal, or karat. It also has served as a way for women to reward themselves for personal achievement. The jewelry in my closet holds importance to me. Check out some new pieces that have caught my eye for this spring season!

These unique earrings are a perfect match for any fun, unique personality. Wolf and Moon is a small online boutique I recently stumbled upon, and I have fallen in love with their collections. These earrings are handcrafted and made of Perspex and copper with sterling-silver studs. I love the simplicity in the geometric design yet the ornate detail of the glitter and the rising-sun design. These earrings can be worn on almost all occasions, which make them a great buy.

St. Eve Jewelry is a one-of-a-kind vintage inspired jewelry line based out of California. Their fusion of bright colors and indie vibe can be seen in many of their collections. This teal, chain-link bracelet is the perfect addition to your arm candy. Stacking bracelets is very popular this spring season.  This chain link can easily be paired with several bracelets ranging in size to play up this season’s trend.

We have seen indie and ethnic prints throughout designer’s designs for this spring. This necklace has a chinle pattern, which has colorful bans of alternating shapes and stripes. The print is a Navajo design which was predominately seen in the 30’s on many household rugs. This print is having a comeback and is being fashioned in all sorts of our colors, but for our body rather than our homes. The bright blues and turquoise is a good accent to orange in this fun necklace; it reminds me of a tribal beach party.  I also love the darker blue with the black. This triple strand necklace will transform any dull outfit into a triple threat.

Make a statement with these stylish coil and cuff rings from online boutique Sabo Skirt. The simplicity in the design is sleek and sophisticated and draws your eyes in because of its unique aesthetics. Rings are sold individually but I love pairing it by threes. It is not your typical ring. One looks at your hand as a whole rather than a collection of various mix-matched rings.

Spring time is always jam packed with various events for me; I have no time to be fashionably late. What helps keep me on time this spring is my new Michael Kors Rose Golden Pyramid-Stud Leather Runway watch. I am in love with the simplicity design of the smooth face. This perfect sized watch is also embellished with small spiked studs to add some detail. This watch is the perfect size so you can easily add it to your stack of arm candy for a complete look.

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