Nassim Sana

How to Build Relationships

How Building Relationships Makes Us Happier Human Beings

Have you seen how all creatures around us thrive by being sociable? Look at our pets for example and how they interact with one another, play and groom each other. You rarely see them wanting to be alone. In my opinion all living beings have the need to socialize. I believe the act of healthy socialization is embedded in our genes.  History has shown us that our very survival has always depended on our social interactions. How many days can we really go on without sharing our thoughts and feelings with someone else? Social wellness has been important to us for centuries. Without it we would have a difficult time creating healthy productive communities. It is through social wellness that we create meaningful relationships and have a support system of family and friends.

Looking at the various dimensions of social wellness helps us to understand why human interaction is important to us.  Social wellness allows us to live in harmony with other human beings in a positive way. It allows one to have positive interactions with others during work, leisure time and is involved in developing and building close friendships and intimate relationships. Through this we learn to express our thoughts and feelings, practice empathy and effective listening, and improve communication skills. Healthy social wellness leads us to care for others and live for the common good of others, and be involved in service-oriented activities. It is important to understand that the act of giving also provides something for our individual wellness too.

How much stronger do we feel when we allow members of our personal community to contribute to our lives? Take a minute and think about it? Look at the times in your life when you were going through difficult times and you had the support of your friends and family. How did that impact your life? Social wellness not only affects our physical health it also affects us emotionally. Some may even say that the measure of our health is determined by the number of close personal friends we have, and how much time we spend with them. It is also important to remember that we need to have new interactions in our lives too, so we can build new lasting relationships.  We are social beings and we need to interact with others. For example, a study from Duke University indicates that social isolation has been clinically linked to chronic illness, such as heart disease, lowering immune system and number of mental health illnesses such as depression. The study also showed high impact on the recovery process from illness or injury. It takes longer for isolated people to recover than sociable people. Some other facts to look at are that people who maintain their social network and support systems do better under stress. It even affects our mood and self-esteem. The more we interact with others we feel more positive and have more self-confidence.

We all defiantly benefit from social wellness in a holistic way. Let’s look how we can improve our social wellness. Here are 6 ideas to help you get started:

  1. Have face to face interaction with people every day
  2. Become more engaged in social and community projects,
  3. Volunteer your time to groups that you are passionate about,
  4. Support your family, friends and neighborhood,
  5. Attend culturally and artistically inclined events to meet people from diverse

backgrounds, or maybe join a club or organization that interests you.

  1. Encourage yourself to engage in one social activity a month.

Most important, remember to take the time to know the people in your life; social wellness is our healthy source of life – it is our key to survival.