Dr Bret Wilson

A Healthier New Year

A Healthy New Year!

Dr Bret WilsonHappy Holidays!  The season of celebration, giving, reflecting and looking forward to the New Year.  We look forward to continued health and happiness in 2014.  Each month we will bring you more information to help you choose the best for you and your family.

The key to maintaining health during the holidays and through the year is a basic foundation of healthy habits.  A commitment to your well-being,   Choices should be consistent through the holidays, on summer vacation or when the kids go back to school.

These basics include nutrition, physical activity, rest and stress management.  By discovering the best ways for you to master these basic healthy habits, you will enjoy a healthier and happier you all year long.

I look forward to sharing ideas and information to help you discover the best in health in 2014!

Yours in Health,

Bret Wilson, DC


1)       Dec 2010 Santa or Reindeer?-  The holidays can be a time of great joy and celebration.  The holidays are also busy, stressful and often unhealthy.  So if you were going to pattern your lifestyle choices after two of the season’s iconic characters-which one would be the healthier choice?

2)       Dec 2011 Holiday Exercises – The holiday season is in full swing with the countdown to Christmas and the New Year.  Jodie and I were blessed to spend a busy weekend with family and friends.   As the season gets busy, here are a few exercises in good health to make the season joyful.

Take A Walk.  A simple walk can increase energy, warm you up, reduce stress and improve your mood.  Walk with a friend or family member and you increase the health benefit to both of you.

Take A Breath.  This time of year is full of moments that take our breath away.  It also can be filled with times that we hold our breath in anticipation.  Be conscious of your breathing and maintain good full belly breaths.