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ASU Student Creates Crowns Between Classes

Young Entrepreneur Series: ASU Student Creates Crowns Between Classes
By Clarissa Burt and Madeline Ulivieri

Student entrepreneurs are on the rise . College students are utilizing their time, technology, and social media skills to their advantage. Campus life acts as a seedbed for referral marketing campaigns that large corporations cannot compete with. Business student and fashionista, Jessica Wener is one of these student entrepreneurs who is utilizing her creativity, eye for design and passion for business to start her own online store, Crowns by 5th & Farmer. I had the wonderful opportunity to learn a little bit more about her thriving hair accessory business that has grown organically from word of mouth on campus.

5th and FarmerGetting Started

Wener has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. At eight years old she began selling handmade jewelry around her neighborhood. This past winter Jessica decided to combine her jewelry making skills into a hot new accessory: the flower crown. She was looking for a cute gypsy headpiece to wear for an event and was unable to find one to her liking, so she made her own. She took apart some daises, embellished them and her first flower crown was born.

As a student and sorority girl at Arizona State , one of the nation’s largest universities, Jessica has experienced and witnessed the lives of women who strive to express themselves through style and fashion every day. From festivals to formals, an accessory always adds the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Finding the right accessory, however, is usually the hardest part. Her aim is to shorten the search and provide the beautiful, classy, powerful woman with the accessory that fits, like a crown. After envisioning the perfect combination of a girly, glam, bohemian, yet sophisticated piece, Jessica felt inclined to create it. Through creating hair accessories for women, her goal is to empower those who wear Crowns by 5th & Farmer  to be unique, be themselves, all while feeling like royalty. If the crown fits, wear it.

Taking It To the Web

After wearing her pieces, friends began asking about them and wanted their own. Being home this summer she wanted to find a way to share her ideas and unique designs with all her friends back at school as well as girls all over the country. She decided to open her own Etsy account, a platform for selling handmade goods online, to share her trendy creations.

Wener shared her thoughts with me on the importance of student entrepreneurship. “I think that entrepreneurship is such an important component in today’s overall economic development so it is great for young people to be able to convert their ideas into a final product and reach out globally. It gives our generation an unbelievable advantage.”  Starting her own business has allowed her to gradually introduce herself into the real world while in college. Through all of the aspects that being a small business owner involves, she has prepared herself at an incremental pace. It can be stressful at times balancing your studies, extracurriculars, a social life, and your own business. There will always be temptations pulling you one way or another but having the diligence and commitment to your small business is the most important factor at being a successful entrepreneur. If you have the perseverance and are willing to work hard, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Wener came up with the name 5th & Farmer from the crossroads of where she lives in Tempe, Arizona. The name symbolizes the future, growing up, and sharing life experiences with the people she loves. The online shop has done quite well since its launch and Jessica hopes for her business to grow and expand into a well-known brand. She is determined to collaborate with larger accessory companies and is currently in the process of getting her items into a few boutiques in the Phoenix area.

Make sure to check out Jessica’s darling crowns at There’s nothing better than looking chic all while supporting an entrepreneur in the local community!


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