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Lady Milan Hair Accessories


Student Entrepreneur Series: Lady Milan Hair Accessories
The Young Entrepreneurs
By: Clarissa Burt and Madeline Ulivieri

Amena MabroukThe fashion industry has drastically changed from the top designer houses dictating what to wear and not to wear each season. Sure, big names likes Karl Lagerfeld and Calvin Klein still set the precedent of what style and fashion is, but fashionistas like you and I have an opportunity to influence trends as well. Young women are utilizing social media, word of mouth, and online marketplaces to sell their fashion trends locally and across the world. I had the opportunity to learn a little bit more about the online fashion industry through fashion-lover, entrepreneur, student and mother, Amena Mabrouk.

Lady Milan’s Beginnings

Amena was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and eventually found her way out to Tennessee where she now attends Austin Peay State University. She is currently a full-time student studying Education and Computer Science where she has had the privilege of networking with a great number of unique individuals that have influenced and inspired her desire to create unique hair accessories for her company Lady Milan.

Amena began making hair accessories back in 2006 when her daughter asked her to make a hair bow for her teddy bear. She grabbed what threads and ribbons she had and began to sew a customized bow for her daughter. From then on, her and her daughter would send time together experimenting with different mediums, textured fabrics, and ornaments to incorporate into their bows. This soon evolved into a passion and Amena saw the potential within herself to become a fashion forward accessory designer.

Making It Grow

Elegant GothicAmena was sitting in a Starbucks early one morning reading the paper when she saw an advertisement for a local craft fair. She jumped at the opportunity to sell her products locally. The response was more than she anticipated and her accessories were a hit! She then decided to move forward with her hairpieces and Lady Milan was born.

Amena came up with the name Lady Milan from the notorious fashion capital of the world and the empowerment that a hair accessory provides a woman with. “The name Milan comes from its deep-rooted history in being a city that gave birth to some of the most influential designers who revolutionized the fashion world,” Amena says. She believes that every woman can continue the legacy of designers and providing women with the right accessory provides women with courage to walk with confidence and pride. “Every woman is deserving of feeling like a Lady Milan,” says Amena.

Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

The fashion industry is incredibly competitive. Especially when competing via an online store. Then add on schoolwork and a family on top of that and you’ve got yourself a substantial work day. Amena shared with me some valuable tips for student entrepreneurs   who are looking to start their own business:

Be fascinated, curious, and unrelenting in your search for meaning. Embrace uncommon opportunities.

  • Focus! Focus! Focus! Once you have identified your passion, goals, and vision, don’t wait. Grab opportunities and network. It’s all about exposure and creating value.
  • Work for free. In the beginning donate your service or product to businesses in the same market. It is a great way to meet people in the industry and a way to get your name and business out there.
  • Never give up and reach above the stars.

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