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1.a subject of conversation or discussion:

to provide a topic for discussion.
2.the subject or theme of a discourse or of one of its parts.
3.Rhetoric, Logic. a general field of considerations from which arguments can be drawn.
4.Also called theme. Linguistics. the part of a sentence that announces the item about which the rest of the sentence communicates information, often signaled by initial position in the sentence or by a grammatical marker.
Sydney Paige McCutcheon

Never Alone

Every year at my job, the company holds a picnic for all the associates and their families at different water parks for a day of food, fun and games. One year, my sister decided to enter us into the talent show for singing! Somehow she convinced me - I don't know how either, haha. Click here for the full article.
Sydney Paige McCutcheon

It’s not the destination

I used to believe that 100%, and mostly because it sounded so inspirational, so radical, but after years of agreeing with anyone who said this, I have come to truly analyze the so freely expressed words. And I must differ in opinion. Click here for the full article.
Sydney Paige McCutcheon

Do not Let the World

Last month I briefly spoke about my first encounter with plastic surgery. I had to stand shirtless as my doctor took my picture - total A.N.T.M. moment, right? But it wasn't bad and my mom and sister were in the room too so I definitely had to act like I was cool haha. Mainly I just kept my head down to my boobs pretending to understand every word being said instead of just trying to look anywhere but his face as he examined my boobs. Click here for the full article.
Sydney Paige McCutcheon

I Forgot to Stuff My Bra

I'm walking down the hallway, got my backpack on, my green sneakers, and things are good. I go to first period, take my regular seat and wait for the teacher to get started. Not much talking is going on, it's still morning after all. Finally, the teacher speaks. And that's when I sense it. Something is off. I look down and my heart literally stops. I forgot to stuff my bra! Sweat coats my upper lip, my eyes shift to their Click here for the full article.
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Jodie Wilson Twitter Client Pooped on Me!

One fine day I was enjoying myself, surfing the net, sending tweets (twitter messages) and building my friends and followers lists. As a result, I began to receive e-mails from some of the other twitter users. The emails had interesting and provocative topics about increasing search engine optimization (SEO) and building your business on the web. Because, I own a website and do most of my research from my computer, I started reading some of the advertisements that were sent to me. The problem was the emails were outside of the safe confines of Twitter, and they were from sources I was not familiar with. ( I should have heeded the warning I give to my grandchildren, “Stranger / Danger!”) I went to read more about a product and it attached keyword launch advertisements to my computer. Suddenly, PLOP right on my computer, I had contracted not the swine flu but a spyware/adware virus. Click here for the full article.