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Litchfield Park is hosting the Litchfield Park Home and Garden Tour

Litchfield Park Home and Garden Tour, Saturday, March 2nd, $20.00 Beautiful 100-year-old Litchfield Road is the setting for a self-guided tour of seven homes and their gardens. The Tour is from 10am to 4pm, with a car show lining the street and quilts adorning the backyards. Finish out Saturday at the City’s award-winning Litchfield Park Art & Wine Festival with over 200 artists and a Beer & Wine Garden for sampling wine, rum, and beer. Tickets: Click here for the full article.

SW Cotton Company’s Labor Force

The Southwest Cotton Company provided the labor to create a new landscape in the area. They built 154 miles of roads and drilled dozens of wells and made concrete irrigation ditches. They laid gas lines and built electrical connectors. Click here for the full article.
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Short vs Long Content

In this post, we’re going to explain the difference between short-form and long-form articles. Besides that, we’re also going to show you why long-form content is more useful when we’re talking about articles as one of the types of content you produce. Click here for the full article.
Litchfield Park, Arizona

Litchfield Park was selected by APRA

The City of Litchfield Park is pleased to share that Arizona Parks & Recreation Association (APRA) selected our Centennial Celebration as this year’s Outstanding Community Special Event for populations under 25,000. Click here for the full article.
100 years

100 Year Celebration coming in 2017

Litchfield Park has become known for its award winning special events, concerts, festivals, and celebrations that take place over the year. Of the more than twenty events annually the City has been honored for their 25th Anniversary of Incorporation event, Christmas in the Park, Click here for the full article.
Goodyear Service Station

A Turning Point

Because of the influence of WWII, Litchfield Park was changed from a small group of labor camps in the desert to a modern village whose inhabitants had most of the conveniences of a larger city. Click here for the full article.
The Art of a blog

The Art of Making a Blog for SEO Rankings

New clients are not born of a single blog post. You need to remember it is allowing them time to get to know you, the romance if you will. Click here for the full article.

John Mariani

Burns Wyoming, John Mariani, Click here for the full article.

Litchfield Park Cattle

The cattle were kept 100-200 per pen and there were so many pens if they were stretched end to end they would be six miles long. A railroad spur came right up to the pens for ease of delivery and pick up. Their automatic feed system could feed up to 600 cattle at one time. Click here for the full article.
3 quick fixes for blogging

3 Quick Fixes to Make Your Blog Stand Out

Blogging is not a perfectly written piece of ligature. It is a thought or topic that gives way to you being an expert or someone that people can trust. Click here for the full article.