Story Mentoring is Life Mentoring for Sedona author Sunday Larson. Her method ‘Write Like a Woman-Author Like a Sage’ guides women through the alchemical process of re-vitalizing their IT VOICE, and in reclaiming their inspirited, inspired, and intrepid plucky selves. Sunday is also the founder of, an inspirational website for plucky girls of all ages. She is the author of The Spinning Game (also published as Sedona Princess), and Secret of the Missing Crown, a fable published 2012.

Please contact Sunday Larson regarding Write Like a Woman Story-Book Mentoring or to design your personal ReStoryative Interlude in Sedona where the fabulous never sleeps.



A Fabulous Awakening Introduction

In living the day to day, many of us in the ‘I Am Woman Generation’ abandoned the intrepid, truth-teller voice of our girlhood, at least for a time. Click here for the full article.