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Sydney Paige Mccutcheon “Black Marker”

A part of surgery that I did not like was not something that occurred before or during the operation. Click here for the full article.

Sydney McCutcheon Perserverance

If we give up, then we choose to accept the long life of regret, bitterness and heartache. Which is worse? To try and continue to fail, or to not try at all, extinguishing all hope of victory? Click here for the full article.

Sydney Paige McCutcheon “Prom”

For me, I kind of cringe. Even now, writing about this, my eyes narrow. I was the little girl who always dreamed of the big poofy dress with her hair half-up in curls and the long gloves that went to her elbows, maybe even fingerless with a string tied around the middle man. The guy would think of something very romantic to surprise me with and ask me - you'd think I was talking about a proposal here, but no, that has to be even better haha. Click here for the full article.

Sydney Paige McCutcheon “My Story”

Well, I can't answer those. All I can say is that life hands us lemons and anvils, and even heavier objects that squash us like a bug without the hope of having wings or being roach because supposedly those things can handle anything. So, what are we do to with these lemons, and artillery? The world says make lemonade; I say take the lemons and knock out the person about to drop the anvil. Click here for the full article.
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