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Karyssa Wilhelm “Phoenix Fashion Week”

The fashion-minded and artists alike have heard of and marked the famous New York, Paris, and Milan Fashion Weeks. Marrying the art of runway and fashion design while showcasing a new collection isn’t a new concept Click here for the full article.

Katherine Bertolucci “Self-Monitoring or Taking the Tedium Out of Tracking”

B. J. Fogg’s Principle of Self-Monitoring: Applying computing technology to eliminate the tedium of tracking performance or status helps people to achieve pre-determined goals or outcomes. Click here for the full article.

Katherine Bertolucci -Names on a Memorial

Like all language, organized information can be persuasive. It “directs our thinking,” as biologist Stephen Jay Gould wrote about classification. Names on memorials are examples of organized information where arrangement defines a visitor’s experience. The thoughtful chronology of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial builds a space for individual remembrance. A World War I memorial does the same, but with a different arrangement strategy, reflecting the difference in the two wars. In contrast, the random arrangement proposed for the World Trade Center memorial almost derailed the project. Yet, in another context, random builds community at the Memorial Temples of Burning Man. Click here for the full article.

R. Michael Consulting-Program Initiation and Management

Program Initiation establishes the need for a Business Continuity Management (BCM) Program. This includes a policy, resilience strategies, recovery objectives, business continuity, operational risk management considerations and crisis management plans. The prerequisites within this effort include obtaining management support and organizing and managing the formulation of the functions or processes required to construct the BCM framework. Click here for the full article.

J Jerry Joyce Jr- I am a Great believer in Luck!

I am a great believer in luck, and the harder I work, the more I have of it. (Stephen Leacock) Click here for the full article.

Advertising in a Tough Economy By Jodie Wilson

Businesses that continue to promote in a tough economy have a stronger and greater chance of a full recovery. Often one of the first things businesses do in a financially tough economy is cut back on advertising. Studies show the businesses that reduces their marketing are at risk of being forgotten. This is the best time to keep your "Open for Business" sign on. Clients may assume you are not ready to provide product or services , or worse, assume that you are out of business. Click here for the full article.

Success in Business By Jodie Wilson

The other day I had an unwanted guest show up in my house. It was a little grey mouse. It took a liking to my books. As I was sorting through my collection I found a book I read a number of years ago, "Practical Mysticism" by David Samuel. Click here for the full article.

Jodie Wilson Increase your Marketing Readership

Increase your Marketing Readership with a Double Path Article. There are two types of readerships Analytical and Impulsive. So to get the most bang for your buck you need to appeal to these two personality extremes. While most sales letters appeal to one extreme at the expense of the other, you can very easily incorporate both. Click here for the full article.

R. Michael Consulting, LLC

What comes to your mind when you hear the word RISK? Well a lot of the ideas come from your professional and personal backgrounds. A risk to a banker or an accountant is different than a doctor or lawyer. If you are a small business owner, risk could be a “bad” thing that should be reduced or eliminated Click here for the full article.

Jodie Wilson Should you ever run an Ad without seeing it?

It seems like a simple question. Always make sure you are the final on your ad. No one knows your business like you. Never give blanket permission for an ad to be published without seeing it. EVER. If the ad that is being created is unsightly or appears to be ineffective, you may have to make the decision between a poorly produced ad being conjured up at the last minute and giving up your space. Don’t run a poor ad. Even if it is cheap to run, this means you will only lose less money. There is nothing worse in advertising then an ad that loses money. Remember, this could be in the hands of people for a long time. If it is published on the internet it could be forever. Click here for the full article.
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