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Sydney Paige McCutcheon “My Surgery”

Afterward he talked to my mom and said I did really good and that we would see him in his office in a few weeks or maybe less I can't remember. But that would only be the first of many, and you won't believe the size of the syringe he used to fill my expander! Click here for the full article.

Kas Winters “Teach Children to Benefit from Failure”

The feeling we get when we fail at something is not usually a happy one. Often the first response of a parent is to try to “make it better” for a child. In society today, we’ve gone as far as making sure that “every” child wins and gets a prize. That does two things. First it diminishes the sense of accomplishment for those who have actually accomplished the goal. Second, those who really did not “win” usually know it inside. Click here for the full article.

Dr. Nanette Bowles “Wheelchair Bound”

A dear (and recently passed) friend of mine used to say that the phrase “wheelchair bound” made him wonder if the person was “bound to a place called Wheelchair”. A person who uses a wheelchair is not “bound” or “confined” but quite the opposite. A wheelchair can provide mobility, inclusion, independence and freedom. Click here for the full article.

Jodie Wilson “Rock, Paper, Scissors & Dynamite”

The other day I was playing with three of my grandchildren. Innocently I reached up on the shelf in the garage to get down a bottle of bubbles. I only had one bottle and this incited world war between the three grandkids. The kids were grabbing, screaming and crying trying to assert there way, “Me first” “My bubbles!”. I realized that I was quickly losing control. I resorted to the primal Grandma squeal, stopping them in their tracks. They all three froze to see what was wrong. I quickly said, “I know how we will settle this Rock, Paper ,Scissors & Dynamite.” Click here for the full article.

“Autumn Adventure” The Ohio Department of Development, Tourism Division

Day One: Grab Your Passport to Ohio’s Wine Country Where Lake Erie and Grand River Valley meet is a terrain of rich soil that produces plump grapes. It's here, in Ashtabula County, where the production of 65 percent of all Ohio grapes in their distinct microclimate gives this region the name "Wine Country." Stop by Ferrante Winery and Ristorante where 22 family-owned, secret-recipe wines are paired perfectly with the restaurant's upscale dining menu. The Lodge at Geneva-on-the-Lake offers breathtaking views of Lake Erie and is adjacent to Geneva State Park. Or, if you're a nature enthusiast, spend the night at the family-friendly Indian Creek Camping Resort. Don't Miss: Ashtabula County's 17 covered bridges during a self-guided driving tour. You'll see the longest covered bridge in the country at 613 feet! Click here for the full article.

John Rosemond “6-year-old Daughters Tantrums”

A concerned mother told me her 6-year-old daughter still threw tantrums nearly every day, during which she screamed as if she was being tortured, produced copious tears, and performed various contortions, often losing her balance and falling to the ground where she would writhe as if possessed by demons. In fact, the parents sometimes wondered if an exorcism might be appropriate. These tantrums occurred when she didn’t get her way. “Why does she throw these tantrums?” the mother asked. Click here for the full article.

Kas Winters Make a Memory with a Child

Summer is traditionally vacation time and many families plan expensive travel to theme parks, resort areas and tourist locations. While these can certainly be enjoyable excursions, there are simple ways to make precious memories for everyone with a “stay-cation” that happens at home and needn’t cost anything at all. Click here for the full article.

Gail Johnson- Greywater

‘Graywater’ - What’s that??? Definition: greywater--wastewater from clothes washing machines, showers, bathtubs, hand washing, lavatories and sinks. Click here for the full article.

Gail Johnson – EPA Lead Paint

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) new Lead Paint Renovation and Repair Rule. Effective April 22, 2010 Rule # 40 CFR 745.80 – 745.91 (also listed in the April 22, 2010 Federal Register). Lead based paint is a real estate disclosure that all Sellers are required to make to Buyers. Click here for the full article.

Evan McGee “What to Do?”

As major calamities strike without warning, so does opportunity….. We have all seen the devastation which ravaged Haiti during this latest earthquake. Thousands killed, millions homeless, an entire country…RUINED! Similar things happen all across the globe every year Click here for the full article.
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