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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Spring Training Guide: Phoenix Municipal Stadium

Spring Training Guide: Phoenix Municipal Stadium.

    Wright-Patterson to sponsor FIRST LEGO League Ohio State Championship

    WRIGHT-PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE, Ohio – The Educational Outreach Office herewill co-sponsor the FIRST LEGO® League Ohio State Championship Tournament atthe Ervin J. Nutter Center, on the campus of Wright State University, Feb. 12-13. For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology President JonDudas will be attending the Ohio State Championship in honor of the 10th Anniversary for the partnership between the WPAFB Educational OutreachOffice and the FIRST LEGO League Click here for the full article.

    Rhonda Towns Plenty More Love

    Aimed to inspire, cheer, and relay the evergreen sentiment that there is always “Plenty More Love” to share, Rhonda’s weekly message features segments designed to encourage, educate, and entertain. Appearances by musical guests spreading positivity through song has allowed Rhonda the pleasure of speaking with prominent country and inspirational acts such as The Grascals, Marty Raybon, Ty Herndon, The Roys, Guy Penrod, Amanda Fessant, Karen Spurlock and a host of others. Click here for the full article.

    Dr Nanette Bowles “Diabetes? What you Need to Know”

    Years ago I was at an evening social function when a woman came in with her two young grandchildren. She sat at the table with her plate of food but seemed dazed. She fumbled around trying to cut her food and acted as though she could not see in front of her. I went over to assist and found out that she was diabetic and had not eaten all day! Her grandchildren sat and watched in fear as we quickly got her to drink some orange juice. She explained that she “just didn’t have time to eat”. Click here for the full article.

    Reeve Barker “January..The Slow Month”

    January was a slow sports month. In baseball this would be called the “dog days”, except in January it encompasses all sports. The Super Bowl is over and college basketball’s conference season has started. We will talk about those but let’s start by looking back at my last blog and see what has happened with Stanford football. We will also look at Arizona, ASU and the Pac-10 basketball season, though it’s halfway through, as well. Click here for the full article.

    Sydney Paige McCutcheon “My Story”

    Well, I can't answer those. All I can say is that life hands us lemons and anvils, and even heavier objects that squash us like a bug without the hope of having wings or being roach because supposedly those things can handle anything. So, what are we do to with these lemons, and artillery? The world says make lemonade; I say take the lemons and knock out the person about to drop the anvil. Click here for the full article.

    Pat Simmons “Golf Lesson One”

    Had zero interest in golf until age twenty seven when I played my first round of golf: Six months later golf had become my career and a way of life. Click here for the full article.

    Dr Peggy Marshall “A Passionate Life”

    "Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success. When you do a thing, do it with all your might. Put your whole soul into it. Stamp it with your own personality. Be active, be energetic and faithful, and you will accomplish your object. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."— Ralph Waldo Emerson It’s February-a month associated with love and passion. I want to focus this month’s blog on doing what we love. I have worked with clients who are extremely successful, yet are not doing what they love. This seems counterintuitive because most of us believe that if someone is successful that person must love what they do. This is not always the case. Tama Kieves in “This Time I Dance” talks about her own evolution into doing what she loves. She was a very successful lawyer yet found herself lamenting to a friend that she wasn’t sure she LOVED being a lawyer. Her friend asked “If you are this successful doing work you don’t love doing, then what could you do with work you love doing?” I think this is a great question for all of us as we connect the word love with work Click here for the full article.

    Dr. Bret Wilson “The Godfather of Fitness”

    We lost a pioneer recently, a man who has had a positive influence on our health and the health of the world. Perhaps the younger of us may only recognize him as the star of an infomercial selling juicers. Jack LaLanne’s television show implored and entertained housewives to exercise and become healthier. He is credited with bringing the concept of fitness and exercise to the masses. He opened a national chain of health clubs. He was a chiropractor that taught millions how to heal themselves with diet and exercise Click here for the full article.

    Becky Campos “A Day Of Simple Health”

    Ten years ago this month I would have never used the word simple to describe my health. My personal health was anything but simple. In fact it was exactly the opposite. My health was complicated, confusing, sad and certainly painful but it was not simple. Then through a series of events I came across some life changing, life saving information that unimaginable to me would lead me to reclaim my health. I spent two years mastering twelve laws of health that made all the difference in reclaiming my health and preventing further disease. I must say they were the two most intense years of my life as I spent countless of hours studying the subject of health and wellness and diligently applying every bit of information I was learning. Today I enjoy simple health. Gone are the days that I did not know what macro nutrients and micro nutrients are or how much protein I should consume or how to balance my hormones naturally. I am no longer at the mercy of conflicting health studies that only increase skepticism. Nor am I sick and desperate making me vulnerable to the pharmaceutical commercials promising relief of one symptom in exchange for an unbelievable twenty other drug induced symptoms. Instead I became a critical health thinker and am completely in charge of my own health care. I make the decisions on what I should do or not do concerning my health and I have never looked back. Click here for the full article.
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