MiMi April Canal

Mimi Paris Photography

Mimi Paris will escort you around Scottsdale Arizona on a beautiful photo tour. Taking in some of the areas best locations. Click here for the full article.
Dr Peggy Marshall

The Negative Thinking Spiral

Complicating the negativity bias is our memories which are either implicit or explicit. Although explicit memory is typically a positive phenomenon, what is stored in implicit memory is more often negatively biased. As we access these memories we continue to build more energy for the negative and may even perceive events as negative due to memories rather than what is actually happening in the moment. Click here for the full article.
Dr Bret Wilson

Opioid Task Force – Can it Work?

Opioid addiction and related deaths have a significant harmful effect on our country. The solutions must be multi-faceted and involve law makers, physicians, and patients Click here for the full article.
Billy Trivalla Fashion


“The Valley of the Dolls,” those “dolls” were both dangerous and destructive. Anyone who has seen the 1967 film version of her run-away-best-seller Click here for the full article.
Nassim Sana
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Can I Have a Can-Do Attitude?

Perhaps we shouldn't be looking at what they do, but how they do it. While it's impossible to say that every single successful entrepreneur Click here for the full article.
Becky Campos

Four Attitudes of Health

When I am given the freedom to speak honestly, courageously and genuinely to a person who has been diagnosed with cancer about what it takes to reclaim their health and with out any limitation there are many things I want to say. Click here for the full article.

For Sedona With Love, From the South of France

Jack Jamesen Memorial Sculpture Park is a lovely pedestrian park adjacent Bank of America on Northview in West Sedona. The park celebrates service clubs and organizations Click here for the full article.
Nassim Sana

You are Your Best Friend

When practicing this new approach to self-care, you want to create more love in your heart for yourself. In the morning acknowledge what you do for yourself first then other. Then tell yourself (I Love You) Click here for the full article.
Angel Marie


Some of my readers have met my companion dog, Shine. In my book SHINE ON! I share stories of Shine, and her brilliant ability of allowing. I know when Shine is in a space of allowing when she rolls over, completely exposing her underside. Click here for the full article.