May Posture Month

Benefits of Better Posture

Benefits of Better Posture

Dr Bret WilsonPosture is an important component of your health and how you move and function in daily activities. We are reminded by parents, teachers, spouses and chiropractors  to stand up straight and don’t slouch. The first thing that an audience does when you mention posture is to adjust their positions in their seats and sit up straighter. We improve posture temporarily with focused effort, but soon resume our slumped bad habits. We observe posture in others and make judgements as to their mood, well-being and competency. Posture is both conscious and unconscious and affects us on both levels. There is a lot more to posture than standing up straight.

Posture can improve memory and recall. Studies have shown that sitting in an upright posture makes the recall of positive memories easier and dampens the ability to recall negative experiences. This position also increases blood flow to the brain as much as 40%, improving focus and energy.

Posture improves your confidence and mood. Slouching not only puts mechanical strain on your back and muscles, but it also causes your brain to interpret your mood causing depression and reduced motivation. Slumped posture sends the same subliminal message to others, causing them to treat you differently. An upright posture not only projects confidence and capability to others but most importantly to you. A study that measured the effect on stress hormones released during different postures revealed a distinct advantage to open expansive postures (upright posture) and a detriment for closed crossed postures (slouching).

Posture can improve mobility and increase energy. Posture is a dynamic process. The stronger posture allows muscles to move the body in a more


Good posture keeps you moving

efficient manner. The muscles of your body are divided by their primary function as being a mover or a postural muscle. The movers are meant for short term rhythmic contraction and relaxation, such as the movement of the arms and legs during walking. Postural muscles stabilize the spine and provide a firm foundation for the movers to work against. These are the muscles of the core. When to core is weak or put at a disadvantage due to a compromised posture, the movers are recruited to help. This additional work load causes soreness, tightness and reduced mobility. The amount of energy used is greater and therefore depletes reserves for other activity. Flexibility and movement are improved with a stable core and allowing all muscles to function at their best.

Better posture and the associated benefits can be achieved through awareness, exercise, development of better movement patterns and postural habits. There are benefits beyond the mechanical and musculoskeletal to improved posture. Benefits include increased vigor, improved mood, enhanced confidence and better memory. Choose to improve you posture and live a healthier life.

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