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Who Are You

Who Are You?

Becky CamposThe first thing I want to know about a person who calls requesting simple health information has nothing to do with their diagnosis. I want to know who they are in relation to their health intelligence. This is more important than their physical problem. I recently received a phone call from a young woman who was passionately looking for assistance. Within a matter of three simple health discussions with her I was able to know who she was and assist her in thinking critically about reclaiming her health rather than emotionally identifying herself as a victim of her diagnosis.

I am always amazed when I witness the progress that unfolds as I take the person from the first phone call of panic, concern, sadness and are overwhelmed by their circumstances to a position of strength and faith. My role is to teach them how to think critically in the midst of their health crisis and to take charge of their health care. Getting the person to discover who they are is the first step to introducing them to a systematic thought process that can set them free to becoming their own best health resource. If I am not successful here the journey will be more difficult then it has to be to reclaim their health. I ask the person to measure their health understanding using the simple health intelligence scale. The following is a good description of how to use the scale to determine who you are.

Simple Health Intelligence Scale


1              2              3              4              5              6              7              8              9


0- person lacks knowledge and understanding

This is a person who lacks knowledge altogether on the subject of health and wellness and sickness and disease. They have not made the critical connection between sickness and disease and lifestyle.

1-5 some knowledge but limited application; limited understanding and cohesiveness

This person has acquired haphazard health information they have heard over their lifetime yet has not made the connection between sickness and disease and lifestyle. They have limited understanding about lifestyle medicine and how to achieve it.

6-9 substantial knowledge and understanding but lacks mastery of The Twelve Laws of Simple Health

This is a person who has made the connection between sickness and disease and lifestyle. They have been engaged in studying the subject of health and wellness and affirm The Twelve Laws of Simple Health yet lacks mastery of them.

10- Substantial knowledge and understanding and on a personal pursuit of mastering The Twelve Laws of Simple Health

This person understands that sickness and disease is caused by the way they live. They have taken personal responsibility for their health care. They are engaged in studying the subject of health and wellness, affirm The Twelve Laws of Simple Health and have either mastered or are working diligently to master them. They have a clear understanding of what health is and what it is not.

Once you determine who you are in regards to your health intelligence you will see the amount of work it will take to arrive at a 10 on the scale. My goal is to bring a person to affirm that sickness and disease is caused and does not enter the body arbitrarily as though it can just land on us out of nowhere. The connection between failing health and lifestyle must be firmly established or the pursuit of health becomes a mysterious and endless cycle of haphazard attempts to stop the unknown. Wow, now that’s a problem!

The human body is designed to self-heal, self-cleanse, adapt and rejuvenate itself when cared for according to its majestic design. Arriving at this concept is no small measure. The work of reclaiming your health and preventing disease starts with knowing who you are and what you will need to do to arrive at a 10 on the scale. Apart from self-examination and understanding that sickness and disease has a cause, reclaiming your health and prevention of disease remains a mystery.

The Simple Truth

 The simple truth is that we can prevent ourselves unnecessary frustration, drama, trauma, insecurity, fear, worry and numerous health costs by acquiring the knowledge necessary to become our own best health resource. So who are you on the Simple Health Intelligence scale? After reading each of the descriptions and determining who you are, write down one sentence that best describes you. You will be surprised at how revealing this exercise will be. Visit for more on how to increase your simple health intelligence.

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