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Medical Testing is NOT Prevention

Medical Testing is not the same as Prevention

Becky CamposOnce a woman has been diagnosed with breast cancer they are subjected to an unending cycle of medical test. Every time cancer is detected there will be more medical treatments in the horizon until the immune system is completely depleted. That is my sister Carmen’s story. She was subjected to every form of test and treatment with out rest until there was nothing left of her. There was no critical thinking applied to her condition. There was never any rest between treatments. She was not allowed to think. Continual testing provided more fear and less confidence in the ability to reclaim her health by any other means. Clearly she needed rest from all the treatments she was receiving. Ultimately she became desperate in her journey to overcome the cancer and became a victim of testing and treatments and treatments and testing. This is commonplace in conventional medical treatments. Women who have been diagnosed with cancer need true prevention. I am not opposed to medical testing of any kind, however I am opposed to the insistence that testing is equivalent to prevention.


Is Mammography Sufficient

Mammography is one of the more well and accepted medical test used as a preventative measure against breast cancer. The confusing part about mammography is that after it is administered there are no further instructions for the prevention of breast disease. You are simply dismissed until the next time. In my case I had several mammograms that returned negative. I had been experiencing unusual breast changes and sensations for two years but mammography did not detect a tumor in my right breast. Unfortunately in my case both the mammography and my primary physicians breast exams came short of detection, which released me with a false sense of security. Finally, three years later through the use of an ultra sound they detected the tumor. On the other hand I have friends who are extremely grateful because it was their annual mammogram that detected their breast cancer. The point here is not whether you should have a mammogram or not but whether having one is enough to deter disease. Can you schedule a mammogram, have it administered, get dressed and then go home and eat a high fat, high sugar, high sodium, low nutrient dinner and stay up until pass mid night and call that prevention? Absolutely not! Receiving a negative report from your medical test is not enough to deter disease.


Medical Testing does not equal More Health

Tests are not prevention they are detection. Medical equipment is not absolute. Although test can detect a concern that is all they can do. Prevention however is what you do to turn off the disease process. It requires the nurturing of your body to halt the progression of disease. Medical testing has its place but insistence that unless you are scheduled for regular and annual testing you cannot reverse or over come sickness and disease is inaccurate. Acute care is another thing altogether. When some one has a medical emergency the only way to know how to treat the condition is to run test on the patient but when you are treating long-term chronic conditions and disease that already has been diagnosed more testing isn’t going to make the body heal itself. It is what you do at home, what you eat, how you rest, how you exercise and reduce stress that will enable the body to administer its self-healing, self-rejuvenating capabilities to fight off disease.


We have all heard the stories of people who have been battling with disease who had the finest doctors, the finest of medicines and testing, the finest insurance and every treatment possible yet they still died from their disease. All the medicine in the world is no substitute for nutrition, water, exercise, sleep, rest, cleansing, fasting, reducing stress, fresh air, sunlight, emotional fortitude and spiritual fortitude.


Stop and Think

To cause a person to stop and think is the most humane and compassionate way to assist the suffering. Stop and think! Wait! Read! Study! Ask questions! Get a second and third opinion. Unfortunately medical testing often trumps reason and wisdom. Many suffering patients have entered the hospital doors fully capable of walking in on their own strength and of sound mind and eating, drinking and sleeping, maybe not totally well but their bodies are still functioning and alive yet they have been worsen by the countless measures of medical drugs, testing, and surgeries. Cancer patients who are subjected to never-ending treatments at times have been propelled to their death since their immune system has declined immensely. These patients are at a deficit since they are not just battling cancer but lack understanding on how to stop the progression of the disease. They are rarely informed that the more you tamper with the body the less opportunity it will have to recover. To add insult to injury cancer patients are not educated about what to eat, how to sleep, what to drink, how to reduce stress, and here I go again! So, will more testing equal to more health? Will more mammograms equal to less breast cancer? Will more tests teach us how to care for our human design? How many tests should one have for prevention sake? These are serious questions that need serious thought and serious answers.


Simple Health Recommendation

My recommendation about medical testing is clear. If you need a range of test to detect or diagnose a condition our American medical system is your best resource. American’s are in good hands when it comes to diagnostic care.


Patients Right to Think

It is a patients right to think! Only a cancer patient who has been through the grueling medical protocol of chemotherapy, surgeries, drugs and continual medical testing can truly understand the enormous stress and pressure that one carries on their mind, heart and physical body when they are subjected to the vast amounts of scans, blood work and biopsies. The body can reverse disease best when you reduce stress yet the very thing the body needs is often denied. So what is a cancer patient to do when the medical protocol requires continuous testing? The first thing I would say is that you should not confuse medical testing for prevention. Remember it is not enough to take test and hope that they are negative. Don’t place all your confidence in test results. Medical testing is simply a tool that you can choose to implement or not. Spend your time and energy on mastering The Twelve Laws of Simple Health for true prevention and increase your possibility for a good report from any medical testing you may implement.


Never underestimate the power to stop and evaluate your journey and to seek further understanding concerning your care through prayer, patience and education. Ultimately only you can make the final decisions concerning your treatments and follow-up care. You want to make them to the best of your ability by becoming a critical health thinker. You can find more information on true prevention and critical thinking at


Critical Health Thinking Skill: Medical testing is detection not prevention.


Simple Health Question: Are you doing more than medical testing for the prevention of disease?


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