Becky Campos

Mastering The Law of Nutrition

Mastering The Law of Nutrition

Becky CamposReclaiming your health and preventing disease begins with mastering nutrition. Without nutrition all other daily functions are impaired. Exercise, sleep and reducing stress are interrupted when nutrition is not adequate. Coping emotionally and mentally is hindered when one consumes minimal nutrition. The possibility of lowering, resisting, reversing and preventing disease can become a reality by mastering The Law of Nutrition. The Law of Nutrition is the leading law of The Twelve Laws of Simple Health.  This does not mean it is more important or more valuable than the other eleven laws of simple health. Each law is equally valuable and necessary in the work of reclaiming your health and preventing disease.

The Law of Nutrition undergirds the other laws. Our goal is to master consuming nutritious foods at every meal and blitzing our body with nutrition through snacks. Nutrition is the process by which food is converted to living tissue. This is accomplished by consuming nutrient dense foods that the digestive system can break down and deliver to the human cells. The digestive system includes the digestive tract, pancreas, gall bladder and liver. Each one majestically contributes to the process by which food is converted to living tissue.

The digestive tract starts in your mouth where we chew our food and it moves down into the stomach where it squeezes food and contributes digestive chemicals to break it down. Our food travels through the digestive tract until it arrives in the small intestine where it is broken down further into molecules small enough to be absorbed through the intestine wall and into the blood stream. Undigested foods are moved into the large intestine to be evacuated. The pancreas and gallbladder contribute digestive juices and bile to help with further breakdown. The liver stores and processes these vital nutrients through the blood stream. As you can see the human body knows what to do to convert our foods to living tissue. Our work is to assist this majestic process by consuming nutritious whole foods consistently: fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, herbs, seeds, nuts, and limited amounts of animal-based foods.

A lack of nutrition doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of food. In America we have an abundance of food and eat more than what is necessary to sustain life. Yet in most American households our foods are void of nutrition. The following four critical health thinking skills made all the difference in the world in my journey to mastering The Law of Nutrition. They are basic but powerful. Never underestimate the power of mastering each one. Collectively they will assist you in reclaiming your health and preventing disease.

  • Although I recommend eating organic foods remember that doing so can be unsustainable. Consuming organic can be expensive or limited due to a lack of finding them. The goal is to consume as many organic foods as you can but the greater work is to master consuming a plant based diet, low fat and right fat, high in fiber, more raw foods, low in sugars, sodium and man-made chemicals.
  • Master making ten core recipes you can count on and save your creativity for later. It is extremely important that you learn to eat foods like oatmeal, yams, a ten-ingredient salad, and brown rice and make your own pot of beans before you master making healthy desserts. Remember the principle of first things first and concentrate on the basics of eating nutritious foods.
  • Vegetable smoothies are an easy way to blitz your body with nutrition. Five vegetables and two fruits are sufficient to make a healthy vegetable smoothie. Although you may use more produce to make your smoothie it is not necessary. The greater work here is to consume them consistently and keeping it simple is the way to stay consistent.
  • Examining your nutrient intake by subjecting your foods to a personal health inspection heightens your nutritional awareness. Inspecting your foods in your pantry and refrigerator nutrient by nutrient is a great educational experience. Resist the temptation to skip this personal research. Read your labels to learn what nutrients are in your foods.

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