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Building a Fortress

Building a Fortress

Becky CamposDefinition of fortress: strengthen with defensive works so as to protect against attack. To reinforce, toughen and secure.

 If I hadn’t spent the last thirteen years building a fortress of health I would have easily caved under the pressure of a persistent allergic reaction that threatened to tumult me in the spring of 2013. Thankfully my simple health philosophy that health is the process by which we care for our human design under-girded the work of reclaiming my health. My critical health thinking skills once again sustained me with patience and perseverance as I utilized my resources around me to nurture my body back to health. Allergic reactions are commonly diagnosed through trial and error. In my case medications were prescribed after infection set in as a part of the solution, which created additional concerns I had to reverse. The pressure was intense to accept additional prescriptions to deal with these new medical induced symptoms. It was evident that I had received the necessary medical assistance needed to deal with infection but other meds recommended were interfering with my body’s self-healing capabilities. Although I was in deep distress I weighed my options and opted out of strong pharmaceutical therapy and reversed my condition with natural substances that assisted my body with much relief. I placed my faith in the Creator’s wisdom and in the self-healing capabilities of my majestic human design.

 Building a Fortress Takes Time and Work

Building a fortress of health that you can live in for the rest of your life takes time and work. You build this fortress by mastering The Twelve Laws of Simple Health and becoming a critical health thinker. Apart from this work we are left open to unnecessary and invasive measures that may trigger complications or weaken your defenses. Because I was in the best shape of my life I faced this health crisis in a position of strength and not in a position of weakness.

 Be Ready

You don’t have to be powerless against health challenges however great or small.

You can be ready to overcome them by assisting your body with the laws of Nutrition, Water, Exercise, Sleep, Rest, Cleansing, Fasting, Reducing Stress, Fresh Air, Sunlight, Emotional Fortitude and Spiritual Fortitude. The more you concentrate on mastering each one the more fortified your immune system will be if and when you face any interference to your health.

Building a Fortress of Health

What does it take to build a fortress of health? Where do you start? If you were faced with a health crisis how do you go about reclaiming your health? Are you prepared to assist your human design in building a fortress of health in a position of strength, knowledge, resources and critical health thinking skills or are you just winging it? It’s worth repeating that if I had not spent the last thirteen years building a fortress of health it may have taken me a longer time to recover from the allergic reaction I suffered and I would have certainly panicked and made erroneous decisions that would have complicated the journey. My body was in top condition and I knew exactly what I needed and what I didn’t to overcome the health challenge I faced in 2013. I was able to continue in my everyday agenda, care for my family, and attend church and numerous family events that required my attention without interruption. Building a fortress of health results in meeting any health challenges with confidence and strength. Why not get started on building your fortress of health by visiting

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