Becky Campos

A Critical Health Thinker

A Critical Health Thinker
By Becky Campos

Over the years I have had the opportunity to speak to many different people who are in the process of reclaiming their health. Naturally they are most concerned with what kind of foods they should be consuming. If I am given the freedom to speak more clearly with them I try to make my way to a more basic concept in their journey to reclaiming their health before I discuss the intricate details of the foods they should be consuming. The foods you eat are emphatically part of reclaiming your health but if I can help the person arrive at a greater discipline in becoming a critical health thinker the quest for reclaiming their health will in time become simpler. To get one started on their journey to becoming a critical health thinker I ask the person to answer the following three questions:

A. What is health?

B. Is health external or internal?

C. What role does personal responsibility play in your health care?

Educating a person to think critically about their health is ultimately

the only way to teach health and wellness. My next three blogs will

be dedicated to answering these three critical health thinking

questions. Please join me and be pleasantly surprised at how simple health really is!