Dating in 2015

5 Standards Every Woman Should Have

5 standards every woman should have

Eboni Lacey 2015Men don’t treat all women the same. A man can easily treat one woman like a queen and the next like a peasant, simply because of her standards. A man will only treat you how you teach him to treat you. If you don’t set standards and uphold to them, men won’t take you seriously no matter how smart, pretty, or successful you are.

Set your standards high or be prepared for men to disrespect you. When you set your standards high a man will either show you that he knows how to treat you, or move the hell out of the way so the next man will.

So, what standards should you have? I’m glad you asked. Here are some basics:

Standard #1: A man should take you out: always!

Whether you met a man online, at church, at a bar or a gym, your first date should be exactly that – a date! He should offer to take you on a lunch or dinner date or out for drinks or a movie. Don’t allow him to insult you by asking you to come over to his apartment or offering to come by your apartment. For one, you probably don’t know him very well to be alone with him. For another, you don’t want to sleep with him right away so why put yourself in that kind of predicament. You could easily drink too much alcohol and before you know it your drunk and naked in his bed.

This also brings me to standard #2: Don’t sleep with him right away.

It’s not necessary to wait 3 months, 90 days or whatever BS rule is out there. You need to wait long enough to know that he’s not just in it for sex. Your conversation should not be about sex and you should be comfortable with him and around him before knocking boots with him. If you really want a relationship then you shouldn’t have sex before monogamy – just like Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger always preaches. That way there are no gray areas and less room for heartache. Once sex becomes a factor, emotions get mixed up and things get a lot more difficult. There’s no closing that door once it’s open.

Standard #3: He must be on your level

If you’ve got a good job, he needs a good job. If you’re in school, he should be in school or pursuing a good career. He needs to be doing something productive with his life. You don’t have time for men that aren’t sure about what they plan to do in life. You don’t have time to be a guidance counselor or financial advisor, or mother a grown man. Be weary of dreamers with unrealistic expectations of how to make that dream a reality. A man that wants to be a millionaire is great, yet if he can’t balance a checkbook or keep a job, that dream will probably never come true.

Standard #4: He must be polite and chivalrous

Even though a lot of men in this generation wouldn’t know chivalry if it slapped them upside the head, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect it. You don’t have to be rude about it either. Simple things like politely waiting for him to open the door for you and asking him prior to the date if it’s his treat, will let him know what kind of woman you are. A man should want to do things that make you happy. That’s how women get men to do things like buy them gifts, rub their feet and most importantly – pop the question. The relationship should be about you! He does special things to make you happy and in return, you cater to him.

Standard #5: He should believe in something other then himself

He should believe in a higher being or in the essence of success. He should be grounded and have faith in intangible things – like love and marriage. Pay attention to red flags like “I don’t believe in marriage” or “I think all people cheat.” In order to build a foundation together, you both must have a good foundation on your own.

You don’t need a whole list of standards because men aren’t perfect and neither are you. But there’s no need to not have these basic standards. If you want something serious you must have serious behaviors. You want to fall in love with the right man that adores you and truly wants to be with you, and a man that really wants you will respect your standards.